National Cheerleaders Association - NCA All Star Nationals
Dallas, TX
2/28 - 3/1/20


Dallas, TX

Bid Winners

  1. Full Paid

    1. ACE Cheer Company Warriors - Medium Co-Ed 6
    2. Brandon All Stars Pink - Medium Senior 6
    3. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells - Extra-Small Senior 6
    4. Cheer Athletics Wildcats - Senior Open Large Coed 6
    5. Cheer Athletics PlatinumCats(Pittsburgh) - International Open 6
    6. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite - Small Co-Ed 6
    7. Oregon Dream Team Dream - Large Co-Ed 6
    8. Spirit of Texas Lady Reign - Senior Open 6
    9. Stingray All Stars Apple - Small Senior 6
  2. At Large

    1. California All Stars CoverGirls (San Marcos) - Senior Open 6
    2. Champion Cheer Lady Light - Extra-Small Senior 6
    3. Cheer Athletics Claw (Plano) - International Open Large Coed 7
    4. Cheer Factor X-Factor - Small Co-Ed 6
    5. Cheer Florida Goddesses - International Open 7
    6. Cheer Xpress Lady X - Small Senior 6
    7. CheerForce Nfinity - International Open Large Coed 6
    8. CheerForce Blackout - International Open Small Coed 6
    9. East Celebrity Elite Bomb Squad - Senior Open 6
    10. Georgia Heat Black Ice - Extra-Small Co-Ed 6
    11. Infinity All Stars Royals - Senior Open 6
    12. Infinity All Stars Legacy - International Open Coed Global 6
    13. Riot Xtreme Cheer Recon - Senior Open Large Coed 6
    14. Twist and Shout Obsession - Extra-Small Senior 6
    15. World Cup All Stars Suns - International Open 6
    16. Cheer Extreme Open Elite (DMV) - Senior Open Large Coed 6 (Intl )
    17. Steele Athletics Slate - Senior Open Small Coed 6 (Upgraded to FP)
    18. Twist and Shout Exodus - Medium Co-Ed 6 (Upgraded to FP)
  3. Non Tumbling

    1. Cheer Athletics ThroneCats (Charlotte) - International Open Coed NT 6


  1. Extra-Small Senior 6

    1. All-Star Revolution Freedom
    2. California All Stars Vixens (Full Paid)
    3. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells
    4. Champion Cheer Lady Light
    5. Cheer Central Suns Lady Suns (Full Paid)
    6. Cheer Express Miss Silver (Full Paid)
    7. East Celebrity Elite Lady Jade (At Large)
    8. Elite Cheer Stars (At Large)
    9. Empire Athletics Supremacy
    10. Full House All Stars Lady Sharks
    11. ICE All Stars Golden Girls (Full Paid)
    12. Island All Stars Snipers
    13. Prodigy Starlight (At Large)
    14. River City All-Stars Lady Sizzle
    15. SCV All Stars Senior Gold (At Large)
    16. Spirit of Texas A-Team (At Large)
    17. Star Athletics Senior Red (At Large)
    18. Top Gun All Stars Royal Jags (Ohio) (Full Paid)
    19. Twist and Shout Obsession
    20. Virginia Royalty Athletics Diamonds (Full Paid)
  2. Extra-Small Co-Ed 6

    1. California All Stars BlueCrew (Ontario) (At Large)
    2. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz (Full Paid)
    3. Cheer Athletics OnyxCats (Full Paid)
    4. Cheer Athletics ZeusCats (Columbus) (At Large)
    5. Cheer Force Arkansas Falcons (Full Paid)
    6. CheerVille Athletics Anarchy (Full Paid)
    7. East Celebrity Elite Fame (CT) (Full Paid)
    8. Extreme All-Stars Lvl X (At Large)
    9. Florida Top Dog All Stars Rain (At Large)
    10. Full Force Cheer FX6 (At Large)
    11. Georgia Heat Black Ice
    12. GymTyme All Stars Fever (Full Paid)
    13. ICE All Stars Thunder (Full Paid)
    14. Louisiana Cheer Force Gold (At Large)
    15. Platinum Athletics Onyx (Full Paid)
    16. Quest Athletics Black Ops (Full Paid)
    17. Twist and Shout Diamonds (Full Paid)
    18. World Class All-Stars Fame (At Large)
  3. Small Senior 6

    1. California All Stars Lady Bullets (San Marcos) (Full Paid)
    2. Cheer Extreme SSX (Raleigh) (Full Paid)
    3. Cheer Florida Sea Warriors (At Large)
    4. Cheer Xpress Lady X
    5. East Celebrity Elite Black Diamonds (Hingham) (Full Paid)
    6. Fusion All Stars Inferno (At Large)
    7. GymTyme All Stars Rouge (Full Paid)
    8. ICE All Stars Lady Lightning (Full Paid)
    9. KC Cheer Fearless (Full Paid)
    10. Midwest Cheer Elite Wildfire (Toledo) (At Large)
    11. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab (Full Paid)
    12. Rain Athletics Aqua (Full Paid)
    13. Stingray All Stars Apple
    14. Tristate Athletics Illuminati (At Large)
  4. Small Co-Ed 6

    1. Brandon All Stars Senior Black (Full Paid)
    2. California All Stars Smoed (Full Paid)
    3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite
    4. Cheer Factor X-Factor
    5. Connect Cheer NW Twilight (At Large)
    6. Five Star Wicked (At Large)
    7. Five Star Athletics Dream (At Large)
    8. Macs Cheer All Stars Starz (Full Paid)
    9. Maryland Twisters Reign (Full Paid)
    10. Rockstar Cheer Naughty by Nature (NJ) (At Large)
    11. Woodlands Elite Recon (At Large)
    12. World Class Athletics Black Diamonds (At Large)
  5. Medium Senior 6

    1. Brandon All Stars Pink
    2. East Celebrity Elite M5 Bombshells (Full Paid)
    3. Platinum Athletics Cheer (NY) PAC5 (At Large)
    4. Stingray All Stars Peach (Full Paid)
    5. Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags (Miami) (Full Paid)
    6. Woodlands Elite Generals (Full Paid)
  6. Medium Co-Ed 6

    1. ACE Cheer Company Warriors
    2. California All Stars Black Ops (Full Paid)
    3. Cheer Extreme Smoex (Raleigh) (Full Paid)
    4. Prodigy Midnight (Full Paid)
    5. Spirit of Texas Royalty (Full Paid)
    6. Steele Athletics Titanium (At Large)
    7. Twist and Shout Exodus
    8. Woodlands Elite Black Ops (Full Paid)
    9. World Cup All Stars Odyssey (At Large)
  7. Large Senior 6

    1. Cheer Athletics Panthers (Plano) (Full Paid)
    2. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (Kernersville) (Full Paid)
    3. Maryland Twisters F5 (Full Paid)
    4. Stingray All Stars Orange (Full Paid)
    5. World Cup All Stars Shooting Stars (Full Paid)
  8. Large Co-Ed 6

    1. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs (Plano) (Full Paid)
    2. Oregon Dream Team Dream
    3. Stingray All Stars Steel (Full Paid)
    4. Top Gun All Stars TGLC (Miami) (Full Paid)
  9. Senior Open 6

    1. California All Stars CoverGirls (San Marcos)
    2. Champion Cheer Heat (Full Paid)
    3. Cheer Extreme Monarchs (Charlotte) (At Large)
    4. Cheers and More Lady Respect (At Large)
    5. East Celebrity Elite Bomb Squad
    6. FAME All Stars Super Seniors (Full Paid)
    7. Infinity All Stars Royals
    8. Luxe Lady Legends (At Large)
    9. Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Purple Reign (At Large)
    10. Riot Xtreme Cheer Recon
    11. Savannah Sharks Relentless
    12. South Jersey Storm Lady Reign
    13. Spirit of Texas Lady Reign
    14. Stars Vipers Miss Hiss (At Large)
    15. Stingray All Stars Lavender (At Large)
    16. Top Gun All Stars Woman Jags (At Large)
  10. Senior Open Small Coed 6

    1. All Star One Big Bang
    2. California All Stars Aces (Las Vegas) (At Large)
    3. Cheer Athletics SteelCats (Pittsburgh) (Full Paid)
    4. Cheer Athletics Royalcats (Charlotte) (Full Paid)
    5. Cheer Extreme Cougar Coed (Raleigh) (At Large)
    6. East Celebrity Elite Smoke (At Large)
    7. GymTyme All Stars Smoke
    8. Icon Cheer Envy (At Large)
    9. ICT Cheer Voodoo (At Large)
    10. Macs Cheer All Stars Obsession (At Large)
    11. Nor Cal Elite Zeus (Full Paid)
    12. OC All Stars Black (Full Paid)
    13. Reign Athletics Royalty (At Large)
    14. San Antonio Spirit Smoke (At Large)
    15. Stars Vipers Al6traz (At Large)
    16. Steele Athletics Slate
    17. Stingray All Stars Electric (Full Paid)
    18. Top Gun All Stars Angels (Ocoee) (At Large)
    19. Tribe Athletics Warriors (At Large)
    20. Trilogy Athletics Bigs
    21. Woodlands Elite Gunsmoke (Full Paid)
    22. World Elite Crave (At Large)
  11. Senior Open Large Coed 6

    1. California All Stars Cali Coed (San Marcos) (Full Paid)
    2. Cheer Athletics Wildcats
    3. Cheer Eclipse Comets (At Large)
    4. Cheer Extreme Shade (MD) (Full Paid)
    5. Stars Vipers Anacondas (At Large)
    6. Tribe Cheer Voodoo (Full Paid)
  12. International Open 6

    1. ACE Cheer Company Chiefs (At Large)
    2. Cheer Athletics PlatinumCats(Pittsburgh)
    3. Cheer Central Suns Midnight (At Large)
    4. Cheer Extreme Blush (At Large)
    5. Cheer Force Wolfpack (CAN) Golden Girls
    6. Cheer Sport Sharks (CAN) Great White Sharks
    7. Rockstar Cheer Supermodels (Pittsburgh) (Full Paid)
    8. Unity Allstars (UK) Ruby
    9. World Cup All Stars Suns
  13. International Open Small Coed 6

    1. Cheer Athletics Swooshcats (Plano) (Full Paid)
    2. CheerForce Blackout
    3. Indiana Ultimate Insanity (Full Paid)
    4. Prodigy Blacklight (Full Paid)
    5. Rockstar Cheer Beatles (Full Paid)
  14. International Open Large Coed 6

    1. Cheer Extreme Open Elite (DMV)
    2. CheerForce Nfinity
    3. JAM Athletics Platinum
    4. PCT Cobras (CAN) Temptation
    5. Top Gun All Stars OO (Miami)
  15. International Open 7

    1. Cheer Florida Goddesses
    2. Vancouver All Stars (CAN) Blackout
  16. International Open Small Coed 7

    1. California All Stars Reckless (At Large)
    2. Cheer Extreme Super Savage (DMV) (At Large)
    3. Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal Court (At Large)
  17. International Open Large Coed 7

    1. Alberta Cheer Empire (CAN) Insurgence
    2. California All Stars Rangers (At Large)
    3. Cheer Athletics Claw (Plano)
    4. Victory Allstars (MEX) Sky Masters
  18. International Open NT 6

    1. All Star One Lady Bang (Non Tumbling)
    2. Cheer Athletics FloraCats (Columbus) (Non Tumbling)
    3. Cheer Athletics Scratch 6 (Non Tumbling)
    4. Cheer Central Suns Lady Aurora (Full Paid)
    5. Cheer Extreme Lady Luxe (Full Paid)
    6. Davis Allstar Gym Inc Villains
    7. Full House All Stars Team Mafia
    8. Maryland Twisters Thin Ice (Non Tumbling)
    9. Rockstar Cheer AC/DC (Non Tumbling)
    10. World Cup All Stars Omni (Non Tumbling)
  19. International Open Coed NT 6

    1. Apex Cheer Chrome (At Large)
    2. California All Stars TNT (Non Tumbling)
    3. Cheer Athletics ThroneCats (Charlotte)
    4. Cheer Athletics Phantomcats (Non Tumbling)
    5. Cheer Extreme Code Black (Non Tumbling)
    6. Cheer Strike Code Blue (Non Tumbling)
    7. Five Star Athletics Midnight
    8. iNFiNiTi Athletics Legacy (Non Tumbling)
    9. Karma Athletics Vengeance
    10. Knight Time Cheer Hypnotize (Non Tumbling)
    11. Louisiana Cheer Force Slate (Full Paid)
    12. Reign Athletics Supremacy
    13. San Diego Show All Stars Shadow
    14. Stars Vipers Slytherin (Non Tumbling)
    15. Tribe Cheer Tomahawks (Non Tumbling)
  20. International Open Global 6

    1. Cheer Athletics LadyCats (At Large)
    2. PCT Cobras (CAN) Vengeance
    3. Vancouver All Stars (CAN) Ice Queens
  21. International Open Coed Global 6

    1. Cheer Athletics CrewCats (At Large)
    2. Cheers and More Reaction (At Large)
    3. Infinity All Stars Legacy
    4. Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones (Full Paid)