One Up Championships - One Up Nationals
Nashville, TN
3/30 - 3/31/19


Nashville, TN


  1. Extra-Small Senior 5

    1. ACX Outlaws TNT
    2. Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells (Full Paid)
    3. Cheer St. Louis Archangels (At Large)
    4. Cheer Xpress Lady X (At Large)
    5. CNY Storm Weathergirls
    6. Fire and Ice All Stars Lady Ice (At Large)
    7. Icon Cheer Envy (At Large)
    8. Jersey All Stars Villians
    9. Maryland Twisters Ice (Virginia) (Full Paid)
    10. Premier Athletics Rouge (Northern Kentucky)
    11. River City All-Stars Lady Sizzle (At Large)
    12. Rocket Cheer Evil Queens (At Large)
    13. Team Universe Cheer G5
    14. Tumble World Lady Dream
    15. World Cup All Stars Gemini (Ohio) (At Large)
    16. World of Cheer Thundercats
  2. Extra-Small Co-Ed 5

    1. All Star One Big Bang (Full Paid)
    2. Bluegrass Athletics Code Blue (At Large)
    3. Cheer Extreme Reign (Charlotte) (At Large)
    4. Cheer Force One MACH5
    5. Cheer Intensity Lions (At Large)
    6. Cheer Legendz Pumaz
    7. Cheer Xpress COEX
    8. CheerVille Athletics Anarchy (Full Paid)
    9. Famous Superstars Gold (At Large)
    10. Georgia Heat Black Ice (At Large)
    11. Louisiana Cheer Force Gold (Full Paid)
    12. Victory! All Stars Platinum (At Large)
  3. Small Senior 5

    1. KC Cheer Fearless (At Large)
  4. Small Co-Ed 5

    1. Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz (Full Paid)
    2. Cheer Force Arkansas Falcons (At Large)
    3. Cheer Zone Killer KoEd
    4. Five Star Wicked (At Large)
    5. Florida Top Dog All Stars Rain (At Large)
    6. Premier Athletics Great White Sharks (Knoxville West) (At Large)
    7. Zero Gravity Athletics SuperNova
  5. Medium Senior 5

    1. East Celebrity Elite M5 Bombshells (Full Paid)
    2. New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab 5 (Full Paid)
    3. World Cup All Stars Suns (Freehold) (At Large)
  6. Medium Co-Ed 5

    1. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite (Full Paid)
    2. East Celebrity Elite C5 Bomb Squad (Full Paid)
    3. Maryland Twisters Reign (Full Paid)
    4. Premier Athletics Venom Sharks (Knoxville North)
    5. Reign Athletics Valor
    6. Spirit Athletics Ricochet (At Large)
    7. World Cup All Stars Odyssey (Full Paid)
  7. Large Senior 5

    1. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (Kernersville) (Full Paid)
    2. Maryland Twisters F5 (Full Paid)
    3. World Cup All Stars Shooting Stars (Freehold) (Full Paid)
  8. Senior Open 5

    1. Cheerletics Royalty Wi5H (At Large)
    2. World Cup All Stars Zenith (Full Paid)
  9. Senior Open Small Coed 5

    1. ACE Cheer Company Thunderbirds (At Large)
    2. Midwest Storm Cheer Surge (At Large)
    3. Premier Athletics Chaos (Gallatin)
    4. PunchFront Cheer DD5
    5. Rockstar Cheer Beatles (Full Paid)
    6. Spirit Central Bengals (Full Paid)
    7. Top Gun All Stars Royal Jags (Ohio) (Full Paid)
    8. Top Gun All Stars Angels (Ocoee) (At Large)
    9. Vizion All Stars Eye5
  10. Senior Open Large Coed 5

    1. Bama All Starz Titanium
    2. Charlotte All Stars Teal (Full Paid)
    3. Extreme Athletics XO5 (At Large)
    4. Tiger Elite Fierce 5 (Full Paid)
  11. International Open Small Coed 5

    1. East Celebrity Elite Rays (Hingham)
    2. Rockstar Cheer The Rolling Stones (Global) (Full Paid)