Gym Name State
1 HCV (Germany)
5th Dimension All Stars NM
9-1-1 Athletics
A.D.N. (Ecuador)
Absolute Cheer and Tumble
ACE Athletics (CAN)
Action Athletics Inc.
ACX Diamonds
ACX Outlaws
ACX Twisters
Adrenaline All Stars (CAN)
AFC Vienna Vikings (Austria)
Afficial Allstarz
Airborne Elite All Stars
Alaska Allstars AK
Alberta Cheer Empire (CAN)
All American Cheer and Stunt KS
All Star Cheer Academy PA
All Star Fusion
All Star Legacy VA
All Star Legacy (NZ)
All Star One NJ
All Star Patriots
All That Sensations
All Time Cheer (PR)
Alliance Cheer
Allstar Athletics IL
Allstar Rebels IL
All-Star Revolution TX
Aloha Cheer Academy HI
Amarillo Cheer Elite
American Cheer CA
American Elite All Stars OH
Apex Cheer TX
Arcadia All Stars
Arizona All-Stars Force
Arizona Element Elite
Arizona Thunder All Star Cheer
Arkansas Cheer Elite
Asane Seahawks (NOR)
Athletic Perfection
Athletics Cheer Elite (CAN)
Atlanta Jayhawks GA
Atlantic Coast Cheer
Aviator All Stars (UK)
AZ United
Bama All Starz
Bama Blaze
Bama Cheer Xtreme AL
Bay State All Stars MA
BC Cheer - Bellevue
Big 10 Cheer
Black Widow Cheer Gym (CAN)
Blue Starz
Bluegrass Athletics KY
Bowling Green Cheer Force
Brandon All Stars FL
Bravo All Stars MA
Broward Elite
Buckeye Cheer Elite OH
Buffalo Envy
Bullit Athletics
C4 Longhorns
Cali Coast Elite
California All Stars
California Pride
California Storm
CAO Elite
Capital Elite All Stars IL
Capitol City Cheer MO
Cardenales All Star (MEX)
Carolina All-Stars
Carolina Legacy Allstars
Carolina Spirit Athletics FL
Casablanca Cheer (UK)
CC Champs NJ
CDA Xtreme
CE Allstars
Celebrity Cheer Unlimited
Celtas All Stars (MEX)
Central Cheer Cheetahs (CAN)
Central Florida Athletics FL
Central Illinois Athletics
Central Jersey All Stars NJ
Central MIssissippi Cheer
Central Mississippi Cheerleading MS
Champion All Stars (CT) CT
Champion All Stars (OH) OH
Champion Cheer TX
Champion Cheer Athletics OR
Champion Cheerleading (CAN)
Champion Force Athletics
Champs Central
Charlotte All Stars NC
Charmers Allstars (NOR)
Cheer & Dance Atlanta GA
Cheer Academy (MEX)
Cheer Alliance IL
Cheer and Dance Express NE
Cheer Athletics TX/NC/OH/PA
Cheer Athletics (IGNORE)
Cheer Authority
Cheer Carolina All Stars
Cheer Central Suns CO
Cheer Challenge Allstars VA
Cheer City United AR
Cheer Command IL
Cheer Command Rockets IL
Cheer Company Pirates (CR)
Cheer Corps NC
Cheer Craze
Cheer Dynamix (NZ)
Cheer Eclipse KS
Cheer Elite Allstars
Cheer Empire FL
Cheer Eruption
Cheer Evolve
Cheer Excess (FR)
Cheer Express FL
Cheer Extreme NC
Cheer Extreme (IGNORE)
Cheer Factor MA
Cheer Florida
Cheer Force Arkansas AR
Cheer Force One
Cheer Force Wolfpack (CAN)
Cheer Fusion VA
Cheer Galaxy (JAP)
Cheer Illinois Athletics IL
Cheer Infinity
Cheer Infinity Athletics (SWE)
Cheer Intensity NY
Cheer Iowa Athletics IA
Cheer Legendz MO
Cheer Magic ME
Cheer Maniac Company (MEX)
Cheer Nation Athletics
Cheer Obsession Athletics
Cheer Odyssey
Cheer Omega
Cheer Power All Stars (Ecuador)
Cheer Pride Allstars
Cheer Savannah All Stars GA
Cheer Sport (Ecuador)
Cheer Sport Sharks ONTARIO
Cheer St. Louis MO
Cheer Station TX
Cheer Strike
Cheer Strong (CAN)
Cheer Texas
Cheer Time Revolution
Cheer Tyme VA
Cheer Tyme Revolution
Cheer World All Stars OH
Cheer Xpress NE
Cheer Zone
Cheer Zone (Ecuador)
Cheer808 All Stars
CheerForce CA
CheerForce Koblenz (GER) CA
Cheerleader Club Leipzig
Cheerletics Royalty MA
CheerMania NY
Cheers and More OK
CheerVille Athletics TN
Cheerz Allstarz
Chicago Storm Allstar Elite
Chi-Town C A T S
CNY Storm NY
Coastal Elite FL
Connect Cheer NW WA
Core Athletix NY
Costa Rica All Stars (CR)
Costa Rica CheerFusion (CR)
Cougar Cheer
Courage Cheer and Dance United
Coventry Dynamite (UK)
Coyotes (CAN)
Crimson Heat All Stars MD
Crown Athletics MD
CTA Highflyers
Dakota Spirit
Dance and Cheer 49 (UK)
Davis Allstar Gym Inc
Delaware Diamond All Stars
Desert Storm Elite AZ
Diamond All Stars (Chile)
Diamond Athletics
Diamondback Athletics NC
Diamonds All Stars TN
DolphinsCheer COmmunity
Double Down Athletics
Dream All Stars MD
Dream Athletics
Dupage Cheer All Stars
Dynamic Elite Athletics
Dynamite Dragons (SWE)
Dynasty All Star Cheer
Dynasty Athletics
Dynasty Cheer Academy
Dynasty Elite Athletics
Dynasty Spirit Elite
Eagles Cheerleader Schmolln
East Celebrity Elite MA
East Coast All Stars (AUS)
East Coast Majestic
East Coast Nitros
East Coast Xtreme
East Tennessee Cheer and Gymnastics
East Texas Twisters
Eastern Elite
EC Athletics
Eintracht Frankfurt (GER)
Elite All Stars
Elite Athletics
Elite Cheer
Elite Cheer Academy
Elite Cheer and Dance NC
Elite Cheer Company
Elite Cheer Michigan MI
Elite Cheer Sensation VA
Elite Cheer Stars
Elite Cheer, Inc. NE
Elite Cheerleading
Elite Heat All Stars NY
Elite Legends of Ohio
Empire Athletics
Empire Cheer and Dance
Encore Elite Wildcatz
EOD All Star (AUS)
Epic Cheer and Dance
ESPOL (Ecuador)
Evolution All Stars NJ
Excite! Gym and Cheer
Express Cheer
Extreme All-Stars
Extreme Athletics
Extreme Athletics (CAN)
Extreme Cheer
Extreme Cheer Company OK
Extreme Diamonds (CAN)
Extreme Stars
Falcons Cheer Elite (CAN)
FAME (Ohio)
FAME All Stars NY
Famous Superstars
Fantasy Xtreme
FCA Cheer
Fearless All Stars
Fire All Stars (PR)
Fire and Ice All Stars PA
Fire and Ice Allstars (IGNORE)
Fire House Gym
Five Star KY
Five Star Athletics NV
Five Star Cheer Academy
Flames All Stars (Switzerland)
Flames Cheerleading (CAN)
Flip City All Stars
Flipping Out Tumbling
Florida Top Dog All Stars FL
Florida Triple Threat FL
Florida Wildcats All Stars FL
Flyers Allstarz (CAN) QUEBEC
Force CA
Force All Stars (NJ)
Forever Xclusive
FTG Allstars (GER)
Fuel Athletics
Full Force Cheer
Full House All Stars MA
Fury Athletics
Fusion 5 All-stars
Fusion All Stars UT
Fusion Athletics
GA All Stars (CAN)
Gage All Stars Dragons MO
Galaxy AllStars
Galaxy Cheer (Germany)
Galaxy Cheer-Force FL
GC2 Royals Allstars
GCA All Stars
Gem City
Gem of Champions AL
Gem of Jewels
Gems Cheer Stars
Genesis (UK)
Georgia All Stars GA
Georgia Heat GA
Global Elite Cheer & Dance FL
Gold Allstars (Colombia)
Golden Elite All Stars NV
Golden Spirit (FIN)
Goldstar (UK)
Gothenburg Cheer One (SWE)
Gravity Cheer
Green Bay Elite WI
Greensboro All Stars NC
Gulf Breeze Rage
Gym Of Champions
Gym Of Dreams
Gymstars (AUS)
GymTyme All Stars KY
Hagerstown Heat All Stars
Halifax Cheer Elite (CAN)
Halifax Cheer Elite (Canada)
Hamilton Starz
Hanover Elite
Hawaii All Stars
Haydens All Stars
Heart of Edge
Heat Athletics WI
Heat Illinois
Heroes (UK)
Heroes All Star
High Fly All-Stars
Hollywood All Stars
Hoosier Elite IN
Hoosier Elite Heat IN
HotCheer All Stars PA
ICE All Stars IL
ICE All Stars (CA)
Icon All Stars
Iconic Cheer Elite
Iconix All Stars VA
ICT Cheer
Idaho Cheer
Idol Athletics
i-Force IL
ignore MO
ignore WA
Illinois All Stars
Impact Athletics
Impact One
Impakt Cheerleading (CAN)
Indiana All Stars
Indiana Cheer Athletics
Indiana Elite
Indiana Ultimate IN
indiana university
iNFiNiTi Athletics
Infinity All Stars FL
Infinity All Stars (CAN)
Infinity Athletics MI
Inspire Athletics
Integrity Cheer Corporation
Intensity Athletics
Intensity Athletix
Intensity Cheer Elite
Intensity Cheer Extreme (GB)
Intensity Elite Cheer
Invasion Tyme All Stars
Iowa All Stars IA
Island All Stars
Island Xtreme NY
Jabs (CAN)
Jaguar Athletics
JAM Athletics
Jersey All Stars NJ
Jersey Pride NJ
Jersey Wild
Jet Athletics
JPAC Radiance
JuST Cheer All Stars NJ
Kansas City Athletic Cheer
Karma Athletics
Karma Sports (CAN)
KC Cats
KC Cheer KS
Kentucky Elite KY
Keystone Extreme PA
Kids Spot Cheer IL
Kingston Elite
Knight Time Cheer TX
Knight Training Center
LA Sports Gym
Lake Erie Ultimate All Stars OH
Langley Cheer & Athletics
Laredo All American All Stars
Las Vegas Elements
Layton Athletics IL
Legacy Cheer Atlantic
Legacy Cheerleading (CAN) MANITOBA
Legacy Xtreme All Stars OH
Legends Athletics
Legends Cheer Academy
Legends Cheer Elite
Legends Elite All-Star
Legion of Allstars GA
Leones All Stars (MEX)
Limelight All Stars (CAN)
Lions Cheer Company IL
London Heat (CAN)
Long Island Cheer
Louisiana Athletics LA
Louisiana Cheer Force LA
Louisiana Spirit LA
Lunar Viper Allstars
MA Cheer Zone
Macs Cheer All Stars UT
Magic All Stars CA
Maine Stars
Marshals Cheer and Dance (UK)
Maryland All Stars
Maryland Twisters MD
Matrix All Stars OH
Matrix Allstars KY
MAX Force Athletics (CAN)
Maximum Allstars
MCC Allstars
MDT Delights (Japan)
Mega MSC Allstar's
Memphis Elite TN
Memphis Pride
Michigan Storm Cheer & Dance MI
Michigan Xtreme Cheer & Dance MI
Middle Georgia All Stars GA
Midwest Cheer Elite OH
Midwest Storm Cheer
Midwest Xplosion MI
Milwaukee Reign All Star Cheer
Mississippi Cheerleading Academy MS
Mississippi Gym of Dreams
Musketeers Funky Cheer
Musketeers Funky Cheer (SWE)
Mystic Allstars (CAN)
National Stars
Natural Venom All Stars WA
Nebraska Cheer Center
NEO All Stars
New England Tumble Force
New Jersey Spirit Explosion NJ
New World Athletics
New Zealand All Stars (NZ)
Newman Southern Stars
Niagara Cheerleading (CAN)
NJ Heat
NJ Premier All Stars
Nor Cal Elite CA
North Bay Elite
North Central Athletics
North Coast All Stars OH
North Dakota Elite
North Shore Cheer Xplosion
North Shore Extreme (CAN)
Northeast Elite
Northeast Ohio All Stars
Northwest Silverstars
NY Cheer NY
NY Icons
Oblivion All-Stars (UK)
OC All Stars CA
Ocala Athletix
Ohio Cheer Explosion
Ohio Explosion OH
Ohio Extreme OH
Ohio Stars United
Ohio Valley All Stars WV
Oklahoma Twisters OK
Omni All Stars
OMX Cheer
One United All Stars NC
Onyx Cheer Force
Oregon Dream Team OR
Outlaws (AUS)
Owens (Ecuador)
Oxygen All Stars
PA Heat
Pace Elite
Pacific Beach All-Stars
Pacific Coast Magic CA
Palm Beach Lightning
Panther Cheer Athletics (CAN)
Panthers Cheerleading
Patriotes de I'UQTR
PCT Cobras (CAN)
Peak Athletics OH
Pegasos All Stars (Guatemala)
Pennsylvania Elite PA
Pennsylvania Spirit Explosion
Pennsylvania Storm All Stars MI
Pensacola All Stars
Perfect Storm Athletics (CAN)
Perfection All Stars
Phantom All Stars (PR)
Phoenix Cheerleading (CAN)
Phoenix Elite
Pirate All-Stars
Pirates (Mexico)
Pirates Athletics (CAN)
Pittsburgh Pride All Stars PA
Pittsburgh Superstars PA
Pittsburgh Xtreme
Planet Cheer All-Stars
Planet Spirit, Inc. MN
Platinum Athletics
Platinum Athletics Cheer (NY) NY
Platinum Elite All-Stars
Power Allstars
Power Athletics Maryland
Power Cheer Allstars (SWE)
Power Cheer Calgary
Power Cheer Toronto Cobras
Power Cheer!
Power House All Stars
Powercore Athletics
PowerHouse Cheer
PowerHouse Elite
Powersports Cheer
Prairie Fire (CAN)
Predators Cheer (UK)
Premier Academy Cheer (CAN)
Premier All Stars NY
Premier Athletics NC, FL, KY, TN
Premier Celebrities
Premier Spirit Athletics
Premier Wildcats
Pride Cheer
Pride of Illinois
Prime Cheer Force
Prime Tyme Athletics TN
Pro Athletics MA
Pro Cheer Allstars GA
Pro Spirit, Inc. TX
Pro Sport Berlin (Germany)
Prodigy TX
Pryzm All Stars
Puerto Rico Elite (PR)
PunchFront Cheer
Pura Vida Athletics
Pure All Stars (AUS)
Pure Athletics
Pure Sound Studio (PR)
Pyramid Athletics
Queensland Cheer Elite QUEENSLAND
Quest Athletics
Raglan Coast Cheer
Rah Elite Allstars
Raider Xtreme
Rain Athletics PA
Rainbow (Korea)
Rebels Cheer Athletics (CAN)
Rebels Elite
Rebels Elite (IGNORE) CA
Rebels Outlaws
Regal All-Stars
Regio Cheer All Stars (MEX)
Reign Athletics IL
Reno Elite
Revolution Athletics
Rhode Island Elite
Richmond Twisters
Riot Extreme Cheer (IGNORE)
Riot Xtreme Cheer
Riptide All Stars
Rising Stars
Rising Stars (UK)
Rival Athletics
River City All-Stars FL
RND Elite (CAN)
Rock Solid
Rock Solid Academy
Rock Starz PA
Rocket Cheer
Rocket Elite
Rockstar Athletics
Rockstar Cheer SC
Rogue Athletics
Royal Cheer Xtreme
Royalty Athletix
Royalty Elite (CAN)
Royalty Elite (NH)
Rush Allstars FL
San Antonio Spirit
San Diego Elite
San Diego Show All Stars
San Juan Cheer Academy All Starz (PR)
Savannah Sharks GA
SC Bayer (GER)
SC Cheer
Scorpions Niagara (CAN)
Scotia Cheerleading All-stars (CAN)
SCV All Stars
Shadow Cheer All Stars (Germany)
Sierburger Turnverein (Germany)
SKKY All Stars
SKV Rot-weiss Darmstadt
SoCo Intensity
South Elite All Stars WA
South Georgia Athletics
South Jersey Storm NJ
Southern Athletics
Sparks de Valleyfield (CAN)
Speed Athletics-- ICE INDY IN
Spirit Academy Cheer & Dance (FR)
Spirit All Stars CT
Spirit Athletics CA
Spirit Athletics KY
Spirit Central MA
Spirit Factory NJ
Spirit of Texas TX
Spirit Too
Spirit Xtreme
Spirix Athletics (CAN)
Spotlight Studios North Star
Star Athletics NJ
Star Power Flyers
Stars Vipers
State All Stars PA
Stavanger Diamonds (Norway)
Stealth All Stars
Steel City All Stars PA
Steele Athletics
Stellar Revolution Elite
Step Ahead Allstars FL
Step One All Stars OH
Stingray All Stars GA
Strong Island
StyleShock Cheer and Dance
Summit Sports
Super All-Stars
Super Athletics
Superior All Stars
Superstar Athletics
Supreme (CAN)
Supreme Athletics
Surrey Starlets (UK)
SV Stern Britz
Team Ecuador
Team Illinois Cheer
Team Impact (Korea)
Team Ireland (IRE)
Team Japan
Team Puerto Rico
Team Thailand (THAILAND)
Team Universe Cheer
Technique Gems
Texas Cheer Allstars
Texas Lonestar Cheer Company TX
Texas Wolverine All Stars
TexStar Athletics
Thailand National Team
The California All Stars CA/NV/AZ
The Cheer Center OH
The Elite Cheer Company
The Stingray Allstars (IGNORE)
Thrive All Stars IN
Thunder All Stars
Thunder Elite All Stars
Tiger Elite LA
Titan Cheer Corp NJ
Titanium Athletics MD
TNT All Stars
Top Gun All Stars FL
Top Notch Cheer OH
Total Cheer All Stars
Toxic Cheer & Dance (AUS)
TR Cheer (CAN)
Tribe Athletics
Tribe Cheer OK
Trilogy All Stars
Trilogy Athletics
Trinity Athletics
Triple Threat All Stars
Triple Threat Athletics
Tristate Athletics
TSG Bergorf
TSV (Germany)
Tumble Cheer All Stars MO
Tumble Queens
Tumble Tech All Stars FL
Tumble World
Tumble Zone Aces
Turners Allstars
TVC Allstars (Germany)
TVL Cheerleaders (Switzerland)
Twist and Shout OK
Twist and Turns
Twister Cheer Company
Twisters All Stars GA
Twisters Cheer Elite
Twisters Elite
Twisters Guadalajara
UBC Tigers (GER)
UKnight Training Center
ULEAM (Ecuador)
Ultimate Air Force (CAN)
Ultimate All Stars FL
Ultimate Athletics IL
Ultimate Athletics of Ohio OH
Ultimate Canadian Cheer (CAN)
Ultimate Cheer and Dance
Ultimate Cheer Lubbock
Ultimate Cheer of Cincinnati OH
Ultimate Destination
Ultimate Starz Athletics
United All Stars (NE)
United Elite
United Elite (Ignore)
United Elite Storm
United Talent Shamrocks
Unity Allstars (UK)
University Cheer Force
University of Arkansas (Monticello) AR
University of Kentucky KY
Upper Merion
US Cheer Rebels
USA Allstars
USA Starz AZ
USA Wildcats CT
Utah Fusion All Stars
Utah Xtreme
Valley Cheer Dynamics
Valley Elite
Valley Stars
Valley Xtreme Cheer
Valleyfield Sparks
Valleyfield Sparks (CAN)
Vancouver All Stars (CAN)
Vaqueros (MEX)
Vegas Cheer Authority
Vfl Wolfsburg
Victory Academy Lions
Victory Allstars (MEX)
Victory Cheer CA
Victory Vipers
Victory! All Stars
VIP Athletics IN
VIP MD Vipers
VIP Vipers
Viper Allstars
Viqueens (NOR)
Virginia Royalty Athletics
Virginia Wild VA
Vizion All Stars MI
Wake Forest All Stars NC
Warman Ultimate Cheerleading (CAN)
Wedel Satellites Cheerleader (Germany)
West Coast Fame All Stars
Westcoast Sabres
Westside Cougars All Stars
White Lightning All Stars
Wicked Elite
Wildcat all star cheerleading
Wildcats (Germany)
Wildcats Cheer Pride
Wildcats Cheerleader Leverkusen (GER)
WNY Outlaw All Stars NY
Wolf's Infinity
Woodlands Elite TX
World Challenge NY
World Class All-Stars
World Class Athletics
World Cup All Stars NJ
World Elite
World of Cheer
X Force Elite (CAN)
X-Out Cheerleading (CAN)
Xtreme Cheer CT
Xtreme Cheer and Dance Force
Xtreme Cheer Dynamics
Zero Gravity Athletics
Zodiac Allstars (UK)
Zodiacs Extreme All Stars
Zone Cheer Inc
Zoo Southern All Stars (AUS)